Functionality common to multiple modules.


CloseMode Write close modes.
Compression Supported data compression algorithms.
Format Formats for adapters.
SortByType Sort by type.
SortOrder Sort order.
WriteFailureAction Write failure actions.
class streamsx.standard.CloseMode

Bases: enum.Enum

Write close modes.

count = 1

count is used with the tuples_per_file parameter to close the file when the specified number of tuples have been received.

dynamic = 4

The file parameter can reference input attributes and is evaluated at each input tuple to compute the file name. If the file name is different from the previous value, the output file closes, and a new file opens.

never = 5

Default close mode.

punct = 0

Specifies to close the file when a window or final punctuation is received..

size = 2

size is used with the bytes_per_file parameter to close the file when the specified number of bytes have been received..

time = 3

time is used with the time_per_file parameter to close the file when the specified time has elapsed.

class streamsx.standard.WriteFailureAction

Bases: enum.Enum

Write failure actions.

ignore = 0

No action is taken on a write failure, and all future writes fail as well.

log = 1

The error is logged, and the error condition is cleared.

terminate = 2

The error is logged, and the operator terminates.

class streamsx.standard.Format

Bases: enum.Enum

Formats for adapters.

bin = 2

Streams binary representation of a tuple.

block = 3

Block of binary data.

csv = 0

Comma separated values.

line = 4

Line of text.

txt = 1

Streams character representation of a tuple.

class streamsx.standard.Compression

Bases: enum.Enum

Supported data compression algorithms.

bzip2 = 2

bzip2 data compression.

gzip = 1

gzip data compression.

zlib = 0

zlib data compression.

class streamsx.standard.SortByType

Bases: enum.Enum

Sort by type.

date = 0

sort by file date

name = 1

sort by file name

class streamsx.standard.SortOrder

Bases: enum.Enum

Sort order.

ascending = 0


descending = 1